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Parents Growing in The Gospel pt. 3

Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Bob Seymore is our Board President, and in his own words, hadn’t been to Longhorn in over a year, until last Monday. Bob often says,

“Community Development is bacon and eggs.”

Those of us who’ve known him for a while know that any Bob meeting is always better over food.

He texted to let me know that he had a very kind, very talented server who brought him his check and said, “I just felt like I should invite you to my church tonight, because we have a guest speaker.”

He knew the church well, because it’s located here in Jacobsville, and they got to chatting about the neighborhood and the Dream Center.

She said, “Oh, my kids attend Dream Center” and said many complimentary things. Turns out it was Brittney, the mom in my last story who wanted to get her son to football practice.

Brittney – approaching Bob to spread the Gospel – is one of the most awesome stories I’ve ever gotten to tell. When I asked her about writing these posts, she told me, “I just felt like the Holy Spirit wanted me to invite him.” I’m so glad she did, because the story continues to inspire me to this day.

“I just felt like the Holy Spirit wanted me to invite him.”

Anyone can share the Gospel. And everyone needs it. So let’s be like Brittney and get to work. Listen for the Holy Spirit today, and share the Gospel with someone who needs it (everybody).

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