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After-School Programs

We provide kids a safe place to play, learn and grow in After-School Programs. Our Dreamer's Academy serves kids K-6 three days a week. DC Youth serves middle school students on Wednesdays.

Our programs focus on building positive relationships in Christ with students. Students receive training in social-emotional learning, ministry lessons and lots of fun. We provide transportation from school to the Dream Center and back home, giving parents extra peace of mind that their students are safe. 

Summer Day Camp

Our Summer Day Camp, Summer Zoom, is a fast paced and high energy urban summer camp engaging K-6 students with the message of the Gospel.

Our high-quality program is filled with summer fun experiences, nutritious meals, summer learning loss intervention, bible lessons, field trips, crafts, sports, music, and friendships. Staff work to build positive relationships with students and provide an outstanding experience for kids. 

Wrap-Around Care

For students and families who live in our geographically-based Jacobsville Kids Zone, we provide wrap-around care. This service looks to advocate for kids and families to help them connect to resources, solve problems, and navigate roadblocks on their way to career, college and life readiness. 

Our Wrap-Around Care Coordinator spends significant time in homes with families and also in schools, developing planned change processes with families and resourcing them to achieve their goals and dreams. We coordinate with countless non-profit partners - we don't want to start new services; we just want every non-profit that does great work to do it with our families. 

Academic Development

For kids living in the Jacobsville Kids Zone, we provide intense, targeted tutoring driven by data provided directly by teachers. Our teachers share the next three skills our kids need to develop in reading and math, and our Academic Development Specialist creates curriculum for kids who work with staff and volunteers. In spring 2019, each student served received 2 hours a week of targeted tutoring. At the start of 2019, 50% of our kids were at or above grade level in reading and math; at end of year, 90% were at or above grade level. 

School Integration

Delaware Elementary School is the only school in our neighborhood, and we strive to be the very best community partner we can be for  Delaware. We work with community partners to find ways that additional services can be provided in school.


We provide Peacemakers - full-time staff members who spend half their day at school, and half their day in our after-school program. These Peacemakers are grade-specific - currently we serve in 1st Grade and 5th Grade. They provide continuity between the school day and after-school program, but they also literally make peace - they provide extra support for teachers in the classroom. When they're not busy, they plug in to kids who live in our thirty-one block zone.


We won't quit until Delaware is the very best elementary school in Evansville, and we've begun work with North Middle School and North High School to eventually provide this same level of love and support.

Neighborhood Revitalization 

Our neighborhood champion works to meet, interact and grow relationships with as many neighbors as possible in the Jacobsville neighborhood. We take an assets-based community development approach, seeking to build on the strengths of our neighbors and our neighborhood. Our goal - to help transform Jacobsville into the neighborhood its neighbors want and deserve.

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