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Dream Center Evansville

Helping Generations Thrive Neighborhood by Neighborhood

I am a Parent

Learn about upcoming programs and events at Dream Center and find helpful resources for you such as, applications and schedules.

I am a Donor

Support Dream Center by donating today and learn more about how your donations support the Jacobsville neighborhood.

I am a Volunteer

Help volunteer for Dream Center programs by applying here and learning more about upcoming events.

Our Mission


Sharing God's love by walking with kids cradle to career, supporting their families, and engaging in neighborhood transformation. 

Our Vision


Helping generations thrive neighborhood by neighborhood. 

We Serve


We are connected to the Jacobsville community in Evansville, Indiana.

We Offer


At the Dream Center Evansville we offer out-of-school programs focused on education and ministry. We serve Delaware Elementary School with academic enrichment and school integration. We serve the Jacobsville neighborhood with wrap-around care. Finally, our Neighborhood Champion works to implement assets-based community development in our neighborhood.

Core Values


  • Christ Centered - We build our foundation in light of eternity with grace, patience, and humility. 

  • Strategic Relentlessness - We pursue the best solutions to empower our kids, families, and neighborhood.

  • Nurturing Dignity - We see every person as made in the image of God, having eternal worth and value.

  • Excellence - We display the beauty of God in all we do.

  • Life Together - We support each other and work together in joy and lament. 

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