Our Vision

At the Dream Center, we have created a place where we can help children realize their dreams. A place where children can feel proud to be a part of a "family". A place where children can come to feed not only their bodies, but their mind and spirit. They do this by participating in our Nutritional, Educational, and Recreational Programs. Our vision is to touch the lives of children and help to influence them in a positive way.

Our History

In 1998, the Dream Center began, not as a mission for many, but as a helping hand to one. Dream Center Founder, Gary Jossa, was asked by his church to take one young man under his wing. This youth was taken for meals, helped with school work, guided in the first steps to a life of faith, and exposed to a work ethic he had never known. The young man then invited his brother, then a friend. Friends started to invite more friends. Now the Dream Center serves hundreds of children in the most impoverished neighborhood, the Jacobsville area.

Our Neighborhood

Our primary service area is a portion of the Jacobsville neighborhood of Evansville, Indiana. This neighborhood is loosely bounded by Fulton Avenue to the west, Heidelbach Avenue to the east, the Lloyd Expressway to the south, and Garvin Park to the north.



Director of Donor Development:
Lisa Handziak

Director of Programs and Operations:
Bill Masterson

K5 Director:
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Director of Services:
Bill Scruggs

Program Assistants:

Brandon Carr
Dennis Driskill











Media Ministries Inc., Dream Center is a (501 C-3) non-profit tax exempt organization